Laura Cram (‘MADALSA’) is a Yoga, Meditation & Music Teacher – Founder of MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE – ‘Blissful Retreat Spaces’, a Canadian Singer/Songwriter of Celestial Folk Music and Owner/Product Manager of FOREVER ONE PRODUCTIONS.

Trained as an Indian Classical Music Vocal Performing Artist, having travelled and studied in Canada and India, her skills are versified and specifically allotted for the educating of the Western students who benefit primarily by her extensive experience and expertize in singing in the Hindi language, writing in Dev Nagari Script/Hindi notation, with transliterations and English translations being a focal point of teaching, provided with support from professional music masters, sages and Sanskrit scholars.

MADALSA has been teaching yoga, meditation and music for over 30 years in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, in established institutes, such as:  The International Meditation Institute, The RA Centre, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, Raam Lotus Yoga Centre and other prominent Yoga Centers, various ‘City of Ottawa’ Community Centers, and almost 18 years now with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board – Continuing Education Programs.

Incorporating her deeply instilled knowledge of Indian music within the yoga and meditation classes, MADALSA creates a unique blend of yoga, meditation, and relaxation utilizing the therapeutic and soothing use of chanting and Sanskrit prayers.  Additional FOREVER ONE PRODUCTIONS – instrumental music has been produced and designed especially for creative visualization and relaxation during Yoga practise.

Well known and loved by her students for singing – ‘SHUDDHOSI BUDDHOSI’ – (the ancient Indian Yogini Queen – ‘Mother Madalsa’s Lullaby’), MADALSA presents this specific piece (full of higher knowledge to lead the attention inward to the source of peace) on a regularly basis.  This particular piece has been composed specifically for her by TFA International Music Director –  Chandrakant Kapileshwari, Madalsa’s Indian classical music teacher.

Laura Cram (‘MADALSA’)’s varied and original CELESTIAL FOLK MUSIC compositions ‘dawned’ profusely and spontaneously, are written in English and are keeping within the creative Indian rhythmic structures and imaginative scope or improvising.  These FOREVER ONE PRODUCTION songs/recordings are infused with Celtic/Pop/Folk/and Indian musical overtones, reflecing the higher knowledge and life experiences in her magical story-like songs, inspirational and divine.

FOREVER ONE PRODUCTION – ‘SHYAM SARITA BHAJANS’ – Devotional Songs for Meditators/Yogis – is an exquisite set of 14 Indian devotional songs set to Indian ragas, taught online with MADALSA via Skype individually and/or in Hangout for group music workshops.

Please visit the CONTACT PAGE for more info on how to contact MADALSA regarding music workshops, concerts and/or online music lessons.

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