For the most effective and highly evolved – direct use of refined English and meditation terminology, a specific and very useful audio mantra, powerful techniques and higher knowledge as how to meditate and unfold that power within to know: ‘ I AM THAT, THAT THOU ART, ALL THIS IS THAT’ – please visit the delightful and informative website of MADALSA’S meditation teacher, the great sage and poet – SWAMI SHYAM:

Madalsa’s Yoga classes meditation always included, primarily referencing the great teachings of Swami Shyam. Madalsa’s varied rewarding life experiences gleamed through the extensive practise and teachings of yoga, meditation and music are shared personally and openly valued by her students. Having taught thousands of Canadians who were originally new to the concepts of Yoga, she finds great satisfaction to know many have gone on to become teachers themselves, running centers and leading full and happy lives.

Many of Madalsa’s beginner-to-advanced Yoga students of all ages have incorporated MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE practises and routines to enhance the life and make it possible to ‘make’ the time to meditate and do their yoga regularly, eat healthy life supporting vegetarian food, engage in simple enjoyable chanting, enjoying nature and living a peaceful life – creating ‘blissful retreat spaces’ for themselves and others.

Highly recommended book‘Meet Your True Self through Meditation’ – by Swami Shyam.

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