Featured Artist – Chandrakant Kapileshwari

The SHYĀM SARITĀ BHAJANS album songs are part of the musical lineage given to Laura Cram (“MADALSA”) from her meditation Guruji – Swami Shyām and her music Guruji – Pandit Chandrakant Kapileshwari.  
CKJi as he is referred to, is an Indian Classical Music Vocalist/Composer/Teacher from the renowned Indian school of music – ‘Kirana Gharana‘.

CKJi set the divine poetry of the great sage and poet Swami Shyām, to the Indian Classical Rāgas which MADALSA learned to sing and teach as part of her extended ‘sādhanā’ (spiritual practice) as a Yogini and musician.

In this album CKJi presents all 14 bhajans in Hindi, singing exquisitely with harmonium, and the tanpoora accompaniment of music student MADALSA.

Shyam Sarita Bhajans: ‘Chandrakant and Madalsa’

by Chandrakant Kapileshwari and Shree Rani Madalsa

http://store.cdbaby.com/cd/chandrakantkapileshwari (link to be updated)

‘MADALSA’ produced a companion songbook in her own calligraphy, with hand-drawn color illustrated Indian instruments and Dev Nagari Hindi calligraphy lyrics, with English meanings, transliterations, and Hindi notations to utilize in further study, singing, and playing along with this delightful album.  

All the songs are set to an eight beat rhythmic cycle known as Keherwā and are very conducive for extensive study and contemplation in a light and blissful mode, immersing oneself in the beauty of the raga and deep inner meanings of the refined Hindi poetry.

Songs can be easily learned with the extra songbook guidance, learning to sing in Hindi, play on harmonium, with soothing tanpoora and adding supportive tabla accompaniment (live and/or electronic) shared blissfully in a devotional group setting.

MADALSA teaches these bhajans, and provides online music lesson material, focusing on students learning to utilizing their electronic iTablaPro app accompaniment, and the accompanying PDF downloadable notation.

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