Madhuvan Outings

Creating your ‘blissful retreat spaces’ means also to utilize the natural surroundings of nature that provides hours of solace amongst the elements and fresh air. Relaxing on the park bench, chanting while strolling along a path, taking pictures (training the eye to see beauty all around) … packing a picnic lunch … sharing with relatives or close friends can make your trip rewarding on so many levels. Walking, busing, boating, flying … get out and about – find the spaces where you can enjoy some peaceful vibs of nature.

Listing the various Madhuvan Outings in the Capitial of Canada – Ottawa, where one can travel easily and enjoy the beauty of nature. ( Please note:  photos and video to be added shortly)

Ottawa Parkway

Ottawa Canal

Hogs Back Falls

Rideau Falls

Centrepoint Park

Britania Beach

Andrew Hayden Park

Museum of Civilization ( Just a few minutes from Ottawa, on the  Quebec side)

Ottawa from the Air ( private plane ride)

Experimental Gardens


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