Madhuvan Routines and Practises

Creating your Madhuvan Lifestyle daily routines to enhance your life is totally worth while, so that you can begin to feel the bliss of living in this world, or continue to maintain it with supportive company.

It takes efforts to get results – when one is trying to improve, so the support is helpful, as well as techniques and motivation to study, and apply.

First start with examining your own routines, or lack there of. Prepare to experiment with some new routines and practices that may take a little time to adjust to but you will immediately began to see the results … thus creating more energy to keep up.

First concept to maintain:   ‘YOU’ ( with a capital letters) are already that Blissful Being (Yogic philosophy), the point is ‘to realize this’.  The Yogic concept is such that you have ‘the individual self’ and ‘the Higher Self’ inherent in each human being.  Deep Meditation brings about the awareness of ‘your Higher Self’ … so finding or ‘making’ the time to practice is the focus. Having the energy to focus is essential, and having the proper attitude to continue will come with the beginning of the results. So begin to experiment with the routines and practices that will prove helpful in your journey of realization – of your ‘true nature’, bliss.

Examine first for youself your own:

Rise and Shine Time

Rest and Recharge Time

Nap or ‘Bliss Out Time’

What You Drink – You Become

What You Eat – You become

What You think – You Become

What You Do – You become Good at

We will be breaking down these sections and adding to them the Madhuvan Lifestyle formula for you to try, making your own Madhuvan Space or ‘blissful retreat space’ in your home and environments where you spend time – spreading peace, bliss and joy everywhere, starting with yourself (and family).

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