Indian Classical Music

MADALSA incorporated her knowledge of Indian music within her Yoga and Meditation classes, to create a unique blend of yoga, meditation, relaxation, and live therapeutic and inspirational music.

She is well known and loved by her students for her singing, especially for the Indian style of singing the ancient – ‘SHUDDHOSI BUDDHOSI’ – Yogini Queen Madalsa’s Lullaby, set to music composed for her by TFA International Music Director – Chandrakant Kapileswari.

‘Shree Rani’ – is the additional stage name given to her by her music guru, which she uses in the performance realms. Shree Rani Madalsa was awarded a Canada Council grant to study and tour with Chandrakant ji in India during 1987, performing with full media coverage. She had the honor of personally meeting many accomplished Indian musicians, such as: Bhimsen Joshi, Kishori Amonkar, Pankaj Udhas, Anup Jalota, Prabha Atri, Shobha Gurtu, and Meena Phatarpekar (grandaughter of Saraswati Rani, who was the daughter of Abdul Karim Khan).


Photo – Miraj Local Newspaper – MADALSA performing a ‘Meera’ bhajan at Miraj, India in 1987 with Chandrakant ji on tabla, and resident sitar maker on tanpoora.

Besides having the opportunity to study and perform in India, MADALSA considers herself very fortunate to have spent over four rigorous years of daily music lessons in Edmonton, Alberta, immersed in the Kirana Gharana – Gurukul System of training. Over a total of forty – traditional Indian Classical pieces, and compositions by Chandrakant, have been documented in Hindi Script, with English transliterations and translations, personally handed down by word of mouth, note for note, and explicitly notated by Shree Rani. This detailed notation was done specifically for ease of assimilation, and for the benefit of future generations to come.  She accompanied Chandra for many a concert and television broadcasting, performing tanpoora and often presenting the English meanings of the beautiful Hindi/Urdu poetic songs. ‘Indian vegetarian cooking at it’s best’ – was taught to her by the family members, as well as the values and importance of Indian dress codes and cultural ideals. MADALSA has continued to teach Indian Vegetarian Cooking Workshops to Westerners with enthusiastic and highly appreciative response.

MADALSA has published an accompanying illustrated, instructional songbook called – SHYAM SARITA BHAJANS Devotional Songs for Meditators/Yogis – Poetry of renowned sage and poet Swami Shyam, set to Indian raga’s by Chandrakant Kapileshwari. Several teaching CD’s of these pieces have been recorded and are available to the public.

Laura Cram (MADALSA) is also known as Canadian ‘Celestial Folk Music’ singer/songwriter gifted with a melodious, and powerful voice, enhanced by intensive training, a zeal for learning, and the continual support and guidance of her teachers. She has performed in Canada as well, with various Indian and Canadian musicians such as the talented composer, pianist, producer – Antoni Carlone, Dan Sharon (guitar & vocals), and Shiv Naimpally (tabla), and others.

Ottawa’s CKCU Radio station, and Rogers Television have hosted several interviews, and airings of her musical accomplishments as a Canadian composer and Western/Indian Classical Performing Artist.

MADALSA continues to perform in a variety of concert venues, teaching music workshops –  with a unique blending of Western and Indian musical concepts and ideals.

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