Shyam Sarita Bhajans – Hindi Devotional Songs

Shyam Sarita Bhajans – Indian Semi Classical

‘Shyam Sarita’ – means the stream or river of  Higher Consciousness.

A ‘bhajan’ is a devotional song.

These set of 12 poems were written around the time of MADALSA’s first visit to Kullu Valley, HP India in 1983, and given to her as her “Sadhana” / Spiritual Practice.

Shortly after back in Canada she met her Indian Classical Music Guru who set the poems to Indian Classical Music.

Live Online Zoom – Individual & Group Music lessons with MADALSA – are supplemented with the aid of teaching Cd’s.

This first teaching CD includes 3 bhajan recordings – simple enough for beginners to follow along, and or learn to play and sing by themselves.  These songs and their content are also intended to be an aid to enhance an the understanding of and/or to support meditative practices.

These original renderings are of devotional and inspirational poetry by sage and poet – Swami Shyam, and are set to Indian ragas by Indian Classical Performing Artist/Teacher – Pandit Chandrakant Kapileshwari, sung by Yoga & Meditation Teacher – Madalsa, with Antoni Carlone on harmonium, and Lou Frattarolli on tabla.

The multiple teaching methods provided for download online,  complement the teaching CD, and include the poetry handwritten by Madalsa in Hindi (Dev Nagari Script), calligraphy English transliteration, English meanings, and note for note Hindi sargam (notation), as well as western notation, and simple midi files (in male and female pitches, for ease of note recognition).

Complete with detailed hand drawn color illustrations of Indian instruments – tanpoora, harmonium and tabla, with a simple introduction to Indian music, i.e. tunings for your tanpoora, and a simple method for learning the hindi notation (if you can not read western notation), easily adaptable for your own specific singing pitch.

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