Madhuvan Lifestyle – Theme

MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE – ‘Creating blissful spaces in your home and environment.’

In various sections we will be presenting:

Madhuvan Lifestyle – Routines and Practices to enhance the life, creating blissful retreat spaces for meditating, yoga, healthy vegetarian cooking, and enjoying the nature around you.

Madhuvan Outings – A series of Madhuvan outings in Ottawa the capital of Canada will be showcased here, demonstrating the power of visual stimulation of nature.  Taking the time to be near bodies of water, forests, and mountains, fresh breezes, vast blue canopy of changing skies, varied birds chirping, floating and flying, interacting lovingly with local animals – is all part of the Madhuvan Lifestyle focus.

One can enjoy the exercise of walking, outdoor Yoga stretches, pausing to meditate, just relaxing on a picnic blanket looking up at the infinite sky, and/or take picnic lunches and share quality time with loved ones, friends and family nurturing the sense of appreciation for each other and being on this lovely planet together while creating blissful life experiences and blissful spaces.

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