The Sense of Expansion and Awareness

Each day an individual can also experience the sense of expansion and awareness that heightens his consciousness  (individual consciousness that is), by identifying with higher knowledge which leads the participant to experience ‘the bliss of the absolute’, and thus remain calm, or calmer even while witnessing the various happenings.

Regularly sitting in meditation, reading scriptures or books written by sages and saints help to direct the attention to the height of understanding, and then with practice one experiences bliss and the ultimate outcome of union with one’s ‘Higher Self.’

The practice of daily Yogic exercise releases the build up of stress and strengthens the body and immune system to be able to maintain a healthy body fit for the realization of something more vast than the normal waking consciousness …

In other words, one begins to identify with the process of higher thinking by repeating the thoughts of immortality and bliss, our true nature.

Part of our MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE routine is to read daily from – ‘Meet Your True Self Through Meditation’, as an effective way to learn a vocabulary and outlook on how to become aware of the witness within, and communicate on such a level to remain expansive in thought.

For further reading regarding this process of awareness, please refer to a wonderful introduction to meditation called – ‘Meet Your True Self through Meditation’

‘A view of the Self through the eyes of the enlightened being. Reading this book directly transforms one’s consciousness into the state of meditation and knowledge of the Self as the free Space. Written in an engaging and intimate style, the text includes anecdotes; references to the Bhagavad Gita; an in-depth description of the meaning of samadhi, or the superstate of consciousness; and the technique of meditation.’

238 pages ISBN: 81-88352-20-9 (Soft Cover)