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‘Thunder Storm at MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE – Guru Poornima 2017’ – MADALSA’S Daily Video Blog

“The Guru Poornima 2017 Moon was bright and full as the night sky grew darker last night, and the auspicious flash of blue light (slightly into the clip at 0:22 sec) accompanied the powerful roaring of thunder and makes me think – how I feel YOU – God/Bhagvan/GURUji truly speak to me in moments of these … I find.  The flashes of bright blue light were beckoning me to film for all you to enjoy together with me.”

“I am a Yoga, Meditation and Music Teacher, with over 30 years professional teaching experience, helping to create blissful spaces in your home and environment.” – MADALSA

‘MADALSA – Daily Video Uploads’ – NEW YouTube Playlist

Today I have created a NEW Playlist on my Official YouTube – MADALSA CHANNEL, where you can begin to follow my daily video upload contributions, with a new ‘mini clip creative video’ – “Commensing Filming with Saraswati” using my new iPhone 7 plus first time, posting for you today.  Enjoy:

MADALSA – Daily Video Uploads

“I am a Yoga, Meditation and Music Teacher with over 30 years profesional teaching experience, helping to create blissful spaces in your home and environment” – MADALSA

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‘Preparing LinkedIn Portfolio’ – Madalsa’s Blog

We are in the process of preparing an online ‘Professional Career Portfolio’ – which will also be made accessible on LinkedIn July 2107.  See below a sample of portfolio items of Madalsa’s travels to India meeting and singing for the great Sage/Poet, the late Swami Shyam in 1987 on her second trip to India.  For more info about Swami Shyam please visit –


The Sense of Expansion and Awareness


Each day an individual can also experience the sense of expansion and awareness that heightens his consciousness  (individual consciousness that is), by identifying with higher knowledge which leads the participant to experience ‘the bliss of the absolute’, and thus remain calm, or calmer even while witnessing the various happenings.

Regular sittings in meditation, reading scriptures or books written by sages and saints help to direct the attention to the height of understanding, and then with practice one experiences bliss and the ultimate outcome of union with one’s ‘Higher Self.’

The practice of daily Yogic exercise releases the build up of stress and strengthens the body and immune system to be able to maintain a healthy body fit for the realization of something more vast than the normal waking consciousness …

In other words one begins to identify with the process of higher thinking by repeating the thoughts of immortality and bliss, our true nature.

Part of our MADHUVAN LIFESTYLE routine is to read daily from – ‘Meet Your True Self Through Meditation’, as an effective way to learn a vocabulary and outlook on how to become aware of the witness within, and communicate on such a level to remain expansive in thought.

For further reading regarding this process of awareness, please refer to a wonderful introduction to meditation called – ‘Meet Your True Self through Meditation’


‘Meet Your True Self through Meditation’

A view of the Self through the eyes of the enlightened being. Reading this book directly transforms one’s consciousness into the state of meditation and knowledge of the Self as the free Space. Written in an engaging and intimate style, the text includes anecdotes; references to the Bhagavad Gita; an in-depth description of the meaning of samaadhi, or the superstate of consciousness; and the technique of meditation.

238 pages ISBN: 81-88352-20-9 (Soft Cover)

Documentary Film – Life and Times of MADALSA

An opportunity has arisen for a professional film documentary to be done regarding my life and passion towards Indian Classical Music, and how it all began as a Canadian fair  skinned young female who had never heard Indian music until 1983.

Planning to share the joys and sorrows, challenges and triumphs of the accomplishments thus far, and teach the beauty of Indian Music within the context of a blissful lifestyle setting.

All that has manifested thus far will be shared to support the growth of higher awareness among the many interested students who are striving to reach a height of understanding to know inner peace, and live out this life in joy and happiness.